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The Cafe Crawlers in Mallorca 2017.

Now, over the last few years it’s been the theme that my much loved and respected little cycling group, self acclaimed ‘Cafe Crawlers’ go away to the mountains in search of fresh climbs and most importantly, the SUN!

18518159_10155080759968564_6960314444557756409_oI’m sure any Brit would agree our climbs don’t last much longer than a mile and our sun lasts not much longer than a couple of days….So really I could end this post now and our reasons for a cycling trip are already justified.

However, It’s so much more than that, It’s the whole package, the funny journey travelling, usually fueled with offending banter and awfully bad wind. The feeling of escapement from work, and I’m confident some of the Crawlers may say escaping the kids as they just don’t seem to like them…Whatever it is, we’ve got the balance just right, for everything, we’ve truly got such a special bond!

Anyway, before I get all emotional and start weeping over my sweet little buddies (that I do actually pretend mean nothing at all),

I just want to share how amazing Port De Pollenca, Mallorca was. It’s such a beautiful little town in Northern Spain, the most perfect beach where the sea is royal blue yet you can still see the bottom and you’re spoilt rotten with bars, cafes and delicious restaurants of all types, everything’s in walking distance which is perfect if anyone’s as indecisive as we are when it comes to choosing somewhere to eat! We must have done two laps each evening of the Port until we finally half agreed and took a seat!

But, then comes the cycling, and boy oh boy….this is another level! We’ve previously been away to the French Alps, so this included Alpe d’Huez, Galibier, Telegraph etc etc…but the climbs here in Mallorca, just have this different vibe…somewhat more peaceful, yet still


dramatic in their own rights. And if I had to choose between Mallorca and the Alps, It would be Mallorca, 100%, just for the views!
Such breath taking scenery, in all directions, you’d have thought once you’ve seen the sea once, then it looks the same everywhere, but that deep blue ocean is hypnotizing!
There’s weirdly located rocks here there and everywhere that look like mini mountains randomly dropped in the water, the sheer drop cliffs are shit scary when you’re skimming past them on 23mm worth of rubber but that’s all part of the game to take on such worthy descents that you’ve earned on the way up!

We were lucky enough to ride some of the most incredible climbs including Andrax, Formentor aka The Lighthouse & my personal favorite Sa Calobra.

18557240_10155083034018564_962276448048844178_nAll offering something slightly different, but all with the same outcome… a whopping great smile and the end, pure pride and satisfaction, despite your legs almost falling off and probably one lung less, these climbs are something every cyclist needs to ride!

While all the boys packed their own bikes for the trip, I ended up renting my bike from Pinarello Experience, right on the front of Pollenca, not too far from Tolos Bar & Restaurant (perfect selection of food, great just before a ride if you want a nice full belly). I rode an outstanding Pinarello Dogma F8 with Shimano Dura-Ace, this couldn’t have been any more perfect for the days that we were there! I walked in, the F8 all set up, measurements in place, pedals on, pump and saddle bag fitted, ready to roll!

Mallorca ’17 really did tick all the boxes, we stayed in a brilliant little villa, which name for now escapes me, but what a little beauty!


Despite the off-road safari hike to reach the doorstep, and despite the threatening dogs that stretched from start to finish hoping to bite through the fences and then at your ankles….the villa had the lot!
We had 5 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 3 toilets (could’ve done with 7, one each), 2 living areas, a balcony, veranda, outdoors dining area, BBQ (unused), and garage with table tennis and last but not least, a cheeky little pool- Jackpot! Everything and more that we needed after a long slog in the saddle, nothing better than coming back after a ride to sit in the pool and chill…..however… we thought it would be a much better idea to battle each other to underwater challenges and use up more precious energy by proving who could swim the most lengths under water. Safe to say, this wasn’t my forte!

Instead, I treated myself to one of many cigars that I was drowned in with options! Port De Pollenca has a spectacular selection of tobacconists, most with humidor rooms offering many of the finest Cubans at exceptionally tasty prices. Again, Pollenca offering the perfect back drop for any cigar smokers out there, I would totally recommend this place as a stop off to smoke and relax and watch the world go by!

So, to end this and allow you to finish reading and book the next available flights…I’d like to take this time to thank all 6 others, whether you organised it, made me laugh or pissed me off, it wouldn’t have been the same without you! Scott, Alex, Sculley, Kirwan, Danny & Pim, until next time!