The Gentina’s Lesson.

The cafe called again, and while enjoying a flat white in the sun I eagerly flicked through the next few pages of Revolution Watch Magazine and with that I learnt something new which I reckon’s pretty cool…

The iconic Heuer Autavia originally from the 60’s found its name from two important inspirations- The words ‘Automobile’ & ‘Aviation’ made up the famous Chronographs name- Autavia.


I love little facts like this, and this is defiantly a watch I’d love to have in my collection, such fascinating history and spectacular sporty looks, and since with the latest 2017 release at Baselworld, this I’m sure this’ll be a massive seller again!

Check out Revolution’s article on the history of Autavia’s and let me know what you think, could this be one you get next?

Photo taken from Revolution Watch Magazine.